A Road Song

I’m reading Paul McCartney’s The Lyrics and figured I needed to write a road song (compare Route 66).


A Road Song

I got my foot on the gas

I got my hands on the wheel

I’m heading down to Miami

To seal the deal

I’m a real estate broker

If you really want to know

I sell people homes

For maximum dough

Don’t hold it against me

I’m vital you see

At least I don’t travel

With my Little Friend next to me


I got my foot on the gas

I got my hand on the wheel

I’m speeding down to Miami

To put the seal on the deal

I’m hoping to reach there

Before it gets dark

It’s my first time in the city, you see

And I don’t know where to park

I think this is my big one

The one that will make me

When it’s over and done with

No one can ever shake me

So alone I drive

With my radio alive

Yeah, I get my jive

On the I-95

I get my jive

On the I-95

I’m gonna seal the deal

I’m gonna make it real

And then I think I’ll go

For a solitary meal

Yeah, I’ll wrap up the deal

With a solitary meal

A quiet solitary meal

With my hands on the wheel

My hands on the wheel..

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