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  1. Joe Mckay
    Joe Mckay says:

    Apologies for going off topic and discussing philosophy on a sports blog – but I want to ask about an interview you gave a few years ago.

    I was really taken by it. It is a discussion where you address the question “Why is There Anything?”


    I am just curious as to what you would recommend for those wanting to explore this type of thinking some more.

    Is this an example of modal logic? Is this the sort of thing you would find in the work of Kripke? I am just wondering what sorts of area would be good for those wanting to use such tools in addressing philosophical questions?

    I am drawing a bit of a blank here. Much to my embarrassment. I knew I should have stuck out my philosophy degree!

    • Colin McGinn
      Colin McGinn says:

      Yes, this is metaphysics: modality, causation, etc. I can’t recommend a particular text but a good introduction to metaphysics would help–there’s one by Van Inwagen whose title I can’t recall. Kripke’s Naming and Necessity is good.


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