The Tyranny of the Majority

Tyranny of the Majority


Here is de Tocqueville in Democracy in America (1835): “But the dominating power in the United States [the majority] does not understand being mocked like that. The slightest reproach offends it, the smallest sharp truth stimulates its angry response and it must be praised from the style of its language to its more solid virtues. No writer, however famous, can escape from this obligation to praise his fellow citizens. The majority lives therefore in an everlasting self-adoration. Only foreigners or experience might be able to bring certain truths to the ears of Americans” (from “The Power Exercised by the Majority in America Over Thought”).

Do I need to make any comment?

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  1. jeffrey g kessen
    jeffrey g kessen says:

    Biden’s predictable call for unity and compromise, however honestly motivated, and however worthy in intent, will fall for half the country on deaf ears. Most of those who voted for Trump are intractably deluded and ripe for the picking of every despot-in-waiting .The country has turned a precipitous corner, heedless of destination. I do, however, take a temporizing solace in consideration of the integrity and competence of Biden’s Cabinet picks—the least “swampy” of any I can remember. No doubt either of the salubrious influence of Kamala Harris. So empurpled are my Comments for the day.


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