The Space Trap

I have discovered that my 1992 novel The Space Trap now exists in audio form from Amazon. I had no idea this was being done and was not informed of it. I discovered it by chance when I bought an Alexa and it started reciting the novel to me for reasons I can’t fathom. The woman reciting the novel does a creditable job, especially given the challenging content. I enjoyed listening to it. I don’t know how generally available it is, so I’d be interested to know if people can access it from their devices. All I did to get it was say to my Echo Dot “Alexa, read The Space Trap by Colin McGinn” and she started reading it. Can readers check to see if they can get it this way?

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  1. W Brantley
    W Brantley says:

    I see it listed as a Kindle book with screen reader compatibility. I don’t see it as an audiobook per se. Some 16 years ago I could only buy the book from an import dealer through Abebooks or some such, so 5.99 at Amazon would seem to make much more within reach to potential readers.


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