The New Madness

The world has been becoming steadily more insane for the last few years, but the era of the Great Orange Blob marks a new high. It would be funny if it weren’t so scary. Are we seeing the dawn of a new fascism or is it just a passing phase of the overheated media? I wish the madness were localized to this but it seems to engulf everything.

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  1. Joe Mckay
    Joe Mckay says:

    There is a lot to say here. But if you want the inside track on this check out the blog of Scott Adams (the cartoonist behind Dilbert). He has been predicting a Trump landslide since last August.

    It comes down to Trump’s genius for persuasion. He is playing 3D chess whilst his opponents are playing 2D checkers.

    He has blogged on this topic almost daily for the past few months.


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