I wrote the novel Bad Patches back in the mid-eighties on a typewriter. I made some attempts to publish it but no takers. It sat around for almost 20 years. Meanwhile the internet came along and with it ebooks. Recently I had it put into electronic form and then I revised it. To my surprise I discovered it is possible to publish such books oneself through Amazon. So I decided to do that. The service is actually free and the book goes on one’s author page. It can be dowloaded to Kindle or a computer and it can be bought in paperback form. The price is very low. So no need to go via traditional publishers. The only issue is publicity–people need to be told it exists. I’m very interested to see if it finds any readers, and what they think. A commercial publisher has to make a big financial investment to put out a book, so it needs a substantial audience. But a book like mine is unlikely to appeal to a wide audience and might be enjoyed by only a few hundred people. In self-publishing the book I can reach that precious few hundred. This is quite a fascinating experiment in book publication. Let me know what you think. (You can also read the first couple of chapters for free.)

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