I’m curious about the demographics of my readership. I have the impression that no one from a North American philosophy department ever comments on this blog. I wonder whether readers would care to tell me whether I am wrong about this. Perhaps readers would like to share their affiliation.

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  1. Srinivasan Desikan
    Srinivasan Desikan says:

    I am from India, My background is Mechanical Engineering, and i work as a designer. I love your thoughts and came across your blog a few weeks ago, and i am currently reading your past blog posts. I feel your blog on My Mind (Dec 2022) mind blowing. It took me some time and many reading to get some understanding. I am responding to your request asking readers to share their affiliations.

  2. Paul Reinicke
    Paul Reinicke says:

    I am a US citizen. I hold a B.A. in English, and work as a security officer. My chief interest, in short, is ‘saving the planet.’ I started following your blog probably sometime within the past year. I haven’t read the older blog posts, just the current ones. What I like about your blog is it’s like a glass-bottomed boat in a sense. A glass-bottomed boat allows one to peer into the water below. Your blog allows readers to peer into the mind of a great philosopher (and fellow atheist), and see what thoughts are swirling in Colin McGinn’s mind at that moment.

  3. Christoph Rahbany
    Christoph Rahbany says:

    I’m a longtime fan of your mysterianism. Have been reading you for 20 years. Not a philosopher nor a scientist, just someone who appreciates the kind of humility you need to wonder about the stuff that seems so obvious. Your gravity/consciousness post is just the most recent example of why I check back here frequently. Hope you are well.

  4. Lionel Krawitz
    Lionel Krawitz says:

    Hullo Colin, greetings from freezing Johannesburg, South Africa. Trust you are well. Just came upon your site this afternoon, I am a 68 year old geyser with an interst in philosophy and AI. I will fill you in, a bit more over coming days. Nice to meet you, Cheers

  5. Free Logic
    Free Logic says:

    I’m a long time ago drop out philosophy graduate student (30 years ago). Work as an exec in software development since then, based in Canada. Became familiar with your work through Logical Properties which I consider a masterpiece.

  6. Todd
    Todd says:

    Well, I’m still a member of a North American philosophy department, though emeritus now. I’ll be using your Moral Literacy in a moral philosophy course. I used it once before, before you were cancelled, and found it useful. I also used The Mysterious Flame in courses, also in your pre-cancellation days. I’d have used them more, but my teaching assignments veered away from those topics.

  7. Fred
    Fred says:

    Data scientist from the Pacific northwest. Failed philosophy in college but am impressed by mysterianism. Saw a reference to you in a footnote thirty years ago (perhaps Chomsky) and have casually followed ever since.


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