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I am going to make a prediction–a possibility not a certainty. The sybaritic businessman will quickly find that he is (a) not up to the job of president and (b) he doesn’t like the job. He doesn’t have the knowledge or the patience or the skills to do it adequately, and he chafes at the constraints imposed on him by security and scheduling. He’d like to give it up and go back to his old life (so would his wife), so he hands the reins over to some establishment Republicans and retreats into being a dummy president. Then it’s business as usual–by no means good but maybe not catastrophic. Alternatively, his unsuitability reveals itself very early on and the world comes to an end.

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  1. Bob Chisholm
    Bob Chisholm says:

    It’s possible that he is already thinking along these lines as Pence is being given an increasingly influential role in the future White House. And let us never forget that Trump’s various business enterprises stand to be hugely favoured by his presidency. But what will always be cause for alarm is his low threshold for provocation and his intolerance for being seen as weak. ISIS is said to be delighted by the choice made by swing state voters. Which raises another question: how do we, who in greater numbers did not vote for Trump, resist him without provoking a wildly damaging reaction?
    It feels like America has just elected a Caesar. Unfortunately, it might be Nero.

  2. David
    David says:

    If it be that Trump ran for President as a revolutionary only and will grow weary with the job, I say that Bernie Sanders and his revolution would have turned out to be a much better Presidency.

  3. Joe Mckay
    Joe Mckay says:

    Scott Adams – the Dilbert cartoonist – was predicting Donald Trump would win the election back in August of 2015.

    According to Scott (a trained hypnotist) you have nothing to worry about. Donald Trump is a Master Persuader who is playing 3D chess against opponents who are playing 2D checkers.

    Once he is in power – you will see a different side to him:

    Scott Adams has been blogging about this non-stop for the past 16 months. Above his latest post on the topic.

    Personally I think Donald Trump deserves a chance and I am already delighted at how much he has shaken the political establishment (just as I was with Brexit). There is a good chance we have never seen a figure as remarkable as Donald Trump before in politics. There is a good chance he is the smartest guy in the room and the people most afraid are the ones who cannot understand what he is doing. Trump cannot be as dumb as people think to have come as far as he has in the worlds of business, TV – and now politics.

    Just something to think about.


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