Preposterous Presidents

The recent debacle involving the presidents of three top American universities is symptomatic of a deeper and more widespread malaise. The moral obtuseness and intellectual ineptitude of these three women is just part of a general degradation in American universities and intellectual life. I won’t go into the causes of this, but what appalls me the most is that they are under the illusion that they are demonstrating superior moral and intellectual qualities. They are not. At root this comes from bad philosophy, indeed obviously bad philosophy. Real philosophy used to oppose this kind of inept “thinking”; now it is succumbing to it.

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  1. Colin McGinn
    Colin McGinn says:

    People like to say that the problem arises from the “politicization” of American universities. This is not untrue, but it neglects the underlying truth that it is BAD politics that has ruined the universities–politics based on intellectually indefensible ideas, moral stupidity, and the corruption of professors and administrators.

  2. Free Logic
    Free Logic says:

    This is a historically well known phenomenon. Described in fiction by the likes of Orwell — newspeak is a strong sign of it. The despicable behaviour of the members of academic institutions in Nazi Germany and in the Stalinist USSR — what we are witnessing is the same sh*t.


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