Problems in Philosophy: The Limits of Inquiry

This text offers a theory that grounds philosophical difficulty in the natural structure of the human mind, so that there is no objective correlate for the difficulty we experience when trying to solve philosophical problems. The book contains general metaphilosophical discussions of reason and truth, as well as treatments of central topics in philosophy – consciousness, the self, meaning, free will, the a priori and knowledge. Because of its scope, this book can be used as an advanced introductory text.

“Colin McGinn’s thoughts about the nature and state of philosophical inquiry are lucid and suggestive, and, in my personal opinion, on the right track. They merit careful reading, and should place many of the fundamental questions of our intellectual tradition in a new and more wholesome light.”

  • Publication Date

    January 1994

  • Publisher

    Blackwell Publishers

  • Length

    163 pages