Why does philosophy even exist? Is the world an inherently philosophical place? That seems unlikely. Is it our concepts that generate philosophical problems? But why should we have concepts that do that? Does it show there is something deeply wrong with our concepts? And why are we so confused, if conceptual confusions are the problem? We don’t seem all that confused about other things. One the main problems of philosophy is its own existence.

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  1. Kyle Foley
    Kyle Foley says:

    Take the following sentences:

    1. Space moves.
    2. Properties change.
    3. I can hold the mind in my hand.

    How do you verify or falsify those sentences? I doubt that experience provides the answer. We have to think about what those words mean then come up with some logical inference tools which will show that those beliefs contradict or are consistent with other more certain beliefs.

  2. diane
    diane says:

    maybe it will go extinct. philosophy.
    i dont understand how a concept could generate philosophy.
    when it started? they thought about something, something was hapenning in those times…
    idiots dont think at philosophy.
    they eat, drink, sleep, have fun.
    thats philosophy nowdays.
    its technical and stupid.
    i see no use of it.
    let alone that philosophy is useless, now its technical and stupid.
    philosophers are confused because they dont think better.
    its just hard to think.


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