Philosophical Provocations

Readers may be interested to learn that I have signed a contract with MIT Press to publish a collection of my recently written papers, numbering 50 odd (the remaining 60 or so papers may be published in a later volume). The papers are on a great many subjects but they all aim to provoke–hence the title Philosophical Provocations.

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  1. Joe Mckay
    Joe Mckay says:

    This is the best news I have heard all year. Was really hoping something like this might happen. I am buried under with books on relativity and QM at the moment. But soon I will be back on to philosophical matters. And your books will be top of the pile.

  2. Ken Fanni
    Ken Fanni says:

    Dear Professor McGinn,

    Your book Inborn Knowledge gave me great pleasure. I am normally not interested in the field of psychology; but your arguments for, and examples and explanations in support of the contention that much knowledge is inborn, made for a fascinating, and very enjoyable read. In addition to your great learning, you are a fine writer, which quality is that which principally brings me to write to you. Indeed, it is your writing talent, as much as your considerable learning and culture – if not more, which made my enlightenment in the matter possible. I thank you for a very good, and enjoyable book.

    • Colin McGinn
      Colin McGinn says:

      Thank you for that kind review (quite a contrast to another one I could mention). I think you appreciate that I was doing psychology philosophically. And of course I am dedicated to writing as well as I possibly can.

  3. Yvette Hudson
    Yvette Hudson says:

    Hi Colin

    Just wondering if you have covered anything on ethics in this volume of your book and do you know when it will be available?


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