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Let me clarify something: the essays I post here are not really intended as conventional blog posts. They are papers I write as part of my ongoing research. I publish them here because it is easier and quicker than going through the usual publication channels, which for various reasons is not feasible for me now. I publish them for serious philosophical readers across the world and for posterity. I am not interested in commenting on “the profession”, save glancingly. 

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  1. jeffrey g kessen
    jeffrey g kessen says:

    Good chat with Chomsky in a recent on-line edition of, “The Boston Review”. Politics, ofcourse. A more measured analysis of the rise of the Trumpian base I hardly expected—yet the man sometimes seems entirely too rational. A choice curse word popped in here or there in the course of an interview might better convey his outrage. Anyway, impressive defeat of Nadal by Rublev at Monte Carlo. A ton of young players on the rise.

  2. Chris Hutchinson
    Chris Hutchinson says:

    When a philosopher the caliber of McGinn ends up publishing on a blog, as opposed to in the literature, it really does suggest that there is something profoundly wrong with the academy.

    • Colin McGinn
      Colin McGinn says:

      Profoundly wrong certainly, also deeply stupid: there is a sickness abroad. Even supposedly intelligent people are stricken with this sickness (I won’t name names here). It will be a source of retrospective shame for the American philosophy profession. For me it is a source of contempt and disdain.


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