Note to Other Philosophers

I don’t know how many professional philosophers read this blog, and hence how widely read my writing of the last ten years is, but I expect the answer is “Not much”. I wish to put it on record that I think this is a grievous mistake. My exclusion from professional philosophy in America over the last decade has in my view damaged the subject (I say nothing of damage to myself). It is shameful, ludicrous, and meritless. It should not go on.

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  1. Henry Cohen
    Henry Cohen says:

    I am not a professional philosopher, but, if I may comment, I enjoyed Philosophical Provocations: 55 Short Essays, which was published less than ten years ago, and I’ve wondered whether you plan to use your blog postings for a sequel. And what do you mean “exclusion”? Have journals blacklisted you?

    • Colin McGinn
      Colin McGinn says:

      I am speaking of the philosophy profession in America not so much publishers, though they have done some excluding too. Specifically, no invitations to conferences or anthologies, as well as social cold-shouldering by erstwhile “friends”. I have tried to publish volumes using these blog posts but have not met with any success.


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