I started playing guitar at age 60 after being a drummer for nearly 50 years. Not easy. Lately I’ve been playing bass more, which combines guitar and percussion. I recently learned the bass lick in Prince’s Sign O’ the Times (quite a thrill to play that). But even more recently I took up blues harmonica, which is fascinating and doable–I recommend it. Get a good instruction book and a Hohner Blues Harp and learn to draw on 4, you won’t regret it.

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    Just re-traversing some of your blog. I’ve played guitar for over thirty years, never with much serious head-way. I remember flunking the music course in seventh-grade Catholic grade-school. But lately, just lately, I seem to have discovered an aptitude. I dig early Neil Young, and decided to look up the chord charts for some of my favorite tunes: ” Powderfinger”, “Cortez the Killer”, “Cinnamon Girl”. The latter song especially is congenial to my arthritic fingers. My neighbor and I now bang it out every day. Well, I suppose, not so much “bang it out” as strum it.


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