Here Comes the Sun Again

A parody of the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun.


Here Comes the Sun Again

Here comes the sun again

Smiling its salesman’s smile

Sun, you are so seductive

You want to hold me for a while

Oh sun, you’re irresistible

How can I turn you away

When I feel your warmth on my face

I know it will be a good day

Sun, sun, sun, here you are now

Sun, sun, sun, yet so far now

But now I know you better

I know your wily ways

You tricked me into loving you

While you sent down your deadly rays

We’ve taken down the barrier

So you can bring your heat

We’re like a dog trapped in a car

Hoping to be released

Sun, sun, sun, there you go now

Sun, sun, sun, keep it low now

You feel so close to home today

Your breath can easily roast us away

Every day feels like another scorcher

Life has become a sunny torture

Sun, sun, sun, please go away now

Sun, sun, sun, leave us to pray now

Sun, sun, sun, it’s enough now

Sun, sun, sun, we’ve had enough now

Sun, sun, sun, we’ve had enough now…

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