It ended and we must go back to reality. What the show was really about, though I have never seen it mentioned, is virtue. It was about good and bad people doing good and bad things. It was about personal vice–greed, lies, envy, malice–and dealing with it. And it took a very literal and direct attitude towards virtue and vice: they are real and they are what matter. This is why I liked it so much (that and the costumes). The story of Mr Barrow struck me as the moral core of the series–and I was overjoyed when “his Lordship” offered him the job of Butler.

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  1. JDR
    JDR says:

    I agree. It was one of the rare shows with good people in it. Lord and Lady Grantham, Mrs. Hughes, Anna, Bates and Carson were good people. There were a few others. It was a reason I recommended the show to skeptical friends. The heroes, or protagonists of most detective shows today are mixed bags. They drink, sleep around, have baggage or demons. Or they are sociopaths or have very extreme personalities. There is one other show with a good person in it, The Flash. Barry Allen is a good person


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