Coco Wins! But…

Coco played beautifully and thoroughly deserved her win. But the weakness in her forehand is undeniable (and frequently commented upon). By contrast her backhand is solid as a rock and very powerful. Why the difference? Because she uses a two-handed backhand and a one-handed forehand: she obviously gets help from her left hand on the backhand. So the solution is obvious: use a two-handed forehand, at least some of the time. Coco, if you are reading this, give it a try, you won’t regret it. I say this as someone who recently converted to a two-handed forehand.

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  1. Jeffrey Kessen
    Jeffrey Kessen says:

    Coco is still young enough to try to develop a new forehand technique, but that’s pretty risky. I’ve always found a two-handed forehand very awkward in trying to execute effectively. Your body position and foot-work need to be on spot. Monica Seles, as I recall, had it nailed down.


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