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Readers may be interested to know that I have just published four papers on philosophy of logic in a journal they may never have heard of. The journal is edited from Tunisia and publishes in English, French and Arabic; the chief editor is Hamdi Mlika.  It is called: AL MUKHATABAT: Journal for Logic, Epistemology and Scientific Thought. I like the idea of publishing in such an out of the way place (by local standards) and joining with philosophers and logicians from the Arab world (French too). So much cooler than Phil Review of J Phil! I have no idea how available the journal is to readers across the world, but part of me wishes that it is hard to obtain.

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  1. meigs glidewell
    meigs glidewell says:

    The name of that journal woos me, but I do feel unhappy that a journal treating logic does not embrace the Oxford comma in its own title. To me, the Oxford comma is valuable because it helps clarify the set of elements being discussed. (The Oxford Comma, also known as a serial comma, is a comma that precedes the coordinating conjunction at the end of a series of three or more terms.) I read a few hundred computer manuals in my twenty years as a freelance tech writer; the serial comma was often hugely helpful and its absence confusing.
    Enough carping. I am enjoying your blog.


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