A song for ill people everywhere (the rhyming scheme is the thing)

I Feel So Weak


Well, I feel so weak

There’s nothing I can do

I can’t even speak

Or come right over to you


I’m a-laying in my bed

Can’t stand on my own two feet

I feel half dead

It’s hard for me to breathe


Coz I’m weak

In my physique

Yeah, it’s bleak


I can’t play hide and seek

It’s been like this all week

I feel like a freak

I’m balsawood not teak


What happened to wear me down?

What entered my blood stream?

All I do is moan and frown

And cry in my dreams


Coz I’m weak

In my physique

Yeah, it’s bleak


So weak

In my physique

You know it’s bleak

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