This Blog

I’ve realized I have a problem with writing this blog, apart from lack of time and a general aversion to the genre. What should I write about? The natural impulse is to write about what I’m thinking about, what I’m working on. But there are two reasons against this: (i) I don’t want to write poor formulations of ideas that need a lot more space and time to formulate well, and (ii) I don’t want to put my new ideas into the blogosphere where they can become anybody’s property but mine. So I need to write about something less central to my intellectual concerns–but that just isn’t very appealing. I end up writing about things that have caught my fancy recently or that I think might be helpful to people (boring!). Or else I just talk about tennis, which is fine by me but not perhaps of interest to most readers of this “intellectual” blog. I can say that I gave my last lecture of the semester yesterday, which is why I felt free today to do a bit of blogging, pointless though it may be.