Women, Physics, and Disgust

I don’t usually like to comment on what is going on in the “the profession”, but the recent skirmish between Robin Dembroff and Alex Byrne over the definition of “woman” reminds me of two incidents in which I was involved: two young female professors wrote highly personal critical reviews of my books Basic Structures of Reality and The Meaning of Disgust which I thought overconfident and callow (I’m trying to be nice). I hope this is not a pattern. It is not good scholarship, to put it mildly.


4 responses to “Women, Physics, and Disgust”

  1. jgkess@cfl.rr.com says:

    “One should never try to be nice when opposite the sentiment—gives one indigestion”. Guess which famous philosopher said that.

  2. jgkess@cfl.rr.com says:

    Sorry, Fichte is always a hard translation. My German grandfather might have taught me better. Niceties of grammar, however, were not his sport. Indigestion was his game. He was a world-class farter. How my sisters and I suffered! Just speaking of disgust.

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