Usain and Me

I have to concede victory to Usain Bolt: he has achieved the triple triple. I have only achieved the double triple. But I console myself that I am taller, younger, and can run faster than him. (I hope readers can detect the irony in these remarks, but if they cannot I give up. Compare a drunk man in a pub arguing that his achievements in local skittles are superior to the athletic achievements of the greatest sprinter of all time.)


4 responses to “Usain and Me”

  1. Brent Kozak says:

    …I think it was that same drunk man who told me I had performed ‘Purple Haze’ “… better than Hendrix himself.”

  2. He said you had or he had performed PH better than Jimi?

  3. Brent Kozak says:

    ..he claimed I had.

  4. Brent Kozak says:

    …he came staggering up to the bandstand, pointing at me with one hand and spilling his lager with the other.
    And of the opinion that he had the authority to pay just such a compliment.

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