6 responses to “Unreality”

  1. Martin Tudor says:

    Everything feels like it’s just been thrown up into the air. I have a feeling that once upon a time, say in Geoffrey Chaucer’s time, everybody knew who they were; everything felt solid – but now…
    There’s “always the sun” – by The Stranglers.
    Could a simulation burn out our eyes like the real sun?
    How complex the simulation must be to do that!

    • Colin McGinn says:

      It could give us the impression of burning out our eyes (we may not have eyes). Are Americans particularly prone to fantasy and illusion? They seem to regard facts as an affront to their prized “freedom”. America is a country of desire not knowledge. Hence the anti-intellectualism.

  2. xc says:

    reminds me of The Shape of Water, where Strickland was reading Power of Positive Thinking in his office….. sometimes people find it difficult to differentiate illusion from positive thinking…

  3. xc says:

    maybe they all should read your little book of Mindfucking

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