Trump’s Temperament

“I have one of the world’s top temperaments, believe me. It’s right up there with Putin’s. He admires my temperament by the way–compares it to caviar. I say gold caviar. I have a hundred times the temperament of Hillary Clinton. She has no temperament really. My temperament is soooo presidential, I can tell you that. I can tell you that. When I am elected president everyone will have a temperament like mine–though not as good, obviously. I will surround myself with people of outstanding temperament, people like me. Nuclear weapons will be glad to be ruled by a temperament as wonderful as mine. So yes, I have the temperament to be president.”


2 responses to “Trump’s Temperament”

  1. Mike says:

    With Trump, it’s hard to tell parody from reality.

  2. I do think that he can hardly tell the difference between himself and his own self-parody. He is his image.

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