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  1. Alan says:

    Hume’s old town residence is currently rentable.

  2. Kyle Foley says:

    Hi Professor McGinn, I found this passage in Goldman’s Epistemology and Cognition and noticed that this theory of yours is highly similar to mine. I assume that this comes from your 1984 article the Concept of Knowledge. My library does not have access to this. Is there anyway you can email it to me? Thank you, Kyle Foley.
    On my development of this theme, the alternatives are counter-factual alternatives. McGinn develops the discrimination theme slightly differently. He wants us to consider the truth-discriminating power of the belief-forming process (or ‘method’) within some relevant class R of propositions, where R is not restricted to proposition p and contraries of p. We are to look at the propensity of the process to form true beliefs across a range of propositions whose truth-values are taken as fixed in the actual world.

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