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  1. Mark Wusinich says:

    During the podcast, you recommended a book. I did not catch the title and you then only repeated the authors first name. The author was Max B. Could you please let me know the title and author of the book?

  2. CB says:

    Can you provide a link to the podcast? I don’t know what podcast Shermer hosts and I’m awful at googling.

  3. BertieRussell says:

    Professor Mcginn,

    I wish you would do more of these.Your books and talks are very enlightening, and all point : no waffle. I admire your work, and I’m in awe of your capacity for lucid, and often poetic, exposition.

    Be well !!

    • In fact I just recorded another podcast with Michael Shermer on Friday, which should appear in a couple of weeks. I’m happy to do this kind of thing but for some reason I don’t get the invitations I used to.

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