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  1. Herbert Dingle’s philosophical objection to Special Relativity’s twin paradox has been chronicled by the likes of Martin Gardiner and George Gamow, (“Humbert Pringle”) but as I am writing this, no one in physics and especially math ever really responded to Mr. Dingle’s objection in a way that did justice to his basic premise.

    Two twins A and B are in relative motion at relativistic velocities in opposite directions, which may be approaching or receding from each other respectively. ignore any acceleration (past, present, future) for the moment. If twin A could observe the time dilation (rate of the flow of time) of twin B, he would report that it appeared to be running slower. Twin B could report exactly the same effect on the time dilation of twin B.

    Without knowing how the twins initially accelerated and what happens next, there is literally no way to resolve this dilema. in other words:

    Time dilation of A > time dilation of B, AND
    Time dilation of B > time dilation of A.

    Both situations, according to Dingle, cannot be true AT THE SAME TIME.

    What was given as an explanation to Dingle, and which is still not satisfactory today, is that it is simultanaeity does not mean the same thing for twin A as it does for twin B.

    Be that as it may, the fact remains that if both twins accelerated together from the same initial frame of reference, by means of appropriate applied acceleration, you may arrange things according to three possible outcomes:

    1) twin A is older than B when they are reunited
    2) twin B is older than A when they are reunited, or
    3) the twins are reunited in a symmetrical accelerated manner, and have aged the same amount while apart

    There. That wasn’t so difficult, to explain, now was it? Relativity theory and its credibility is still intact as well as Mr. Dingle’s self respect. He was right in a way. Only a knowledge of their initial reference frames and the accelerations applied can resolve Dingle’s paradox.

    But the effect of this is much deeper and consequential to physics. Without pointing any fingers, there is a much better model of time in the offing than anything relativity ever suggested. I did not come by this idea easily nor by myself. I had the assistence of a model created by an unknown mathematician as talented in his own right as Grassmann evidently was. Many accepted ideas about relativity will require ammendment, and acceleration replacing position is just the beginning.

    There will be more about his idea in a forthcoming book we are writing. You won’t find it advertised anywhere yet. This is neither spam nor a promotion of what is to come. Stay tuned.

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