I’m in favor of Colin K’s “taking the knee”. I used to go to Halle orchestra concerts when I was a student in Manchester and I would “take the rump”: I would remain seated during the national anthem. My reason was the content of that anthem–all about the Queen. I would have stood for a non-royalist anthem. I was not “disrespecting the flag” or the country, just expressing my opposition to monarchism. I see Colin K. as expressing a specific protest (racial injustice) not some generalized disrespect for America–just as I was not expressing some general disrespect of England.


2 responses to “Anthem”

  1. Marie Meigs GLIDEWELL says:

    Applause for “take the rump.” Funny and perfect tone.

  2. It should become general usage meaning “sit down”: “Please, take the rump”, or “I’m taking the rump in front of the TV”.

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